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Welcome on board of Quo Vadis

Guided and unguided bike tours

Traveling by bike and boat and enjoying a wonderful bike holiday, in itself something very special.
Every day cycling through new cities and landscapes. Then return to the ship for relaxing with a nice cruise, dinner and a good rest. On to the next day and next bike tour!

Unfortunately this season we only sail for two weeks, but also we are blessed to have at least two weeks to enjoy this beautiful area. Hopefully we’ll see you (again) next season! ❤️🙏🏼
Ook zo’n zin in een fietsvakantie langs de Moezel? 8 daagse vaar- en fietsvakanties. Boek nu met flinke korting.


Weemhofseiland 23
9766 VK Eelderwolde
The Netherlands

T+31 6555 70 911

Groningen berth opposite Oosterkade No. 14

Phone on board: +31 624 755 688


Spacious double cabins




Hybrid bikes